The Oil Of Joy - Battle for Harvest

/ by Rebuild Your Life Ministries

Proverbs 18:20
20 Wise words satisfy like a good meal; the right words bring satisfaction.

The power of a seed is in its ability to produce a multiplied result. Most of us know how to sow seeds because it has been drummed into us from the time we set foot into the church. We dutifully sow our money, prayers and bible study. However most of us have never been taught the skill of reaping our harvest. This lack of understanding has created a huge deficit in most believers lives. Some have even shipwrecked their faith for that reason. Just like in the physical a lot of work goes into making sure we get a good harvest it is the same with the spiritual. We have to protect the seed and the young plant from weeds and all things which can destroy it. We reap our harvest with our words of faith which are inspired by the word of God.

God said to me most people never move from talking about their seeds to talking about the harvest. The seed sowing is one off event but the harvest involves a process and takes time to complete it. The way to make sure we get our harvest is to set our minds on the word of God. This requires total immersion in the word of God to get to that point. Total immersion means to deliberately choose to spend 100% time in the word of God for a minimum set time and as often as possible afterwards. It does three things for us, it flushes out all fear, moves us from the milk to the meat of the word in a short time and makes us more sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. These are the things we need to be able to draw our harvest from the spiritual to the physical realm. The results of total immersion in the word is what is described in Psalm 1:1-3. So whatever we are waiting for let's set our heart to renew our minds by the word of God and nothing will stop us.


Prayer: Father, I thank You that while the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, And cold and heat, And summer and winter, And day and night Shall not cease in Jesus Name. Amen.
(Genesis 8:22 paraphrased)


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